Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time Flies When You're in Love...

When you're planning your wedding the anticipation is hard to imagine. Some days the wedding can't come soon enough, and some days you think "wait, I have one more project!" When the sun sets and the party comes to a close, you find yourself happily married. You giggle when you say "my husband" or he introduces you as "his wife" (that still hasn't gotten old). After all the planning you now get to start the "rest of your lives!"

Two years ago today, September 8, 2007, I married the love of my life and my best friend. And every day I fall more in love with him. I am filled with excitement and joy for all of you planning your wedding and newlyweds. I feel like I have what most people spend their lives looking for -- a partner for life and everything that comes with it. Here's to us Mr. Onion!

Thanks to Mrs. Ant for taking this photo yesterday and inviting us to a great Labor Day BBQ!

Friday, September 4, 2009

First comes loves, then comes marriage...

No, no -- I'm not pregnant (although I'm thrilled with all the baby bees around here). In November of 2007 (just two months after we got married) I posted about searching for our first home. I was sure I didn't want to live anywhere but Manhattan, just like I was sure I wanted lace on my wedding dress. Things don't always work out how you first envisioned them...they usually end up even better! We bought our first apartment in Brooklyn and my wedding dress had no lace in sight!

We made an offer at the end of last summer and closed in mid-October, 2008 which was a year after we first starting seriously looking. We learned so much in that year about the real estate market in NYC, it's huge potential swings (Wall Street went nuts about the time we closed), what we wanted and the joy of building a home together (even if it's only 768 square feet)! We have spent the last year "nesting" and saving up to renovate our kitchen (it's a pre-war building), which we hope to be ready to do about this time next year.

Here's a quick look inside.

Living room/entry as it was when we found the apartment:

Painting in progress and railings removed:

All painted, windows from Vermont Salvage installed and curtains up:

With a lot of hard work:

You realize...you're never "done." But after seven months we finally felt ready enough to have a house warming party.

It felt like the next big step in our lives and we're proud to have made an investment in our future and our life now.

Did you own an apartment or house before you got married? Is it something you plan to do together after your wedding? I'm sure this is on a lot of your minds as the real estate market has dipped in the last year and perhaps this made it possible for you to consider buying. I'd love to hear about your search, purchase and renovation / decorating of your new place.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Featured on photographer's new website

Long time no "see" weddingbee! I have so much catching up to do with you (Mr. Onion and I bought our first home - more on that later), but a quick post to share that we've been included on our photographer's new website! It was such a shock to come across this photo on www.dariabishop.com.

Take a look around their new website and great blog (which I still stalk about once a week)! We're coming up quickly on our 2 year wedding anniversary on September 8th. I can not believe how fast the time has flown and how I fall more in love with Mr. Onion every day. You all have so much to look forward to leading up to and post wedding! As the song says "The best is yet to come..."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The first time I visited Vermont, I fell in love -- with the state, and with Mr. Onion. Then we got married in Vermont, and spent our first wedding anniversary in Vermont. So many happy memories.

Now, there is one more reason to love this beautiful state. Vermont has become the fourth state to legalize gay marriage — and the first to do so with a legislature’s vote! I couldn't be more pleased. And I grew up in Connecticut, which is one of the other states to have said "YES" to same-sex marriage. This is a happy day for love. I hope the rest of our country will catch up soon!

Photo: Burlington Free Press

See the whole story in the Burlington Free Press.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Short Dress Brides

I was overwhelmed by the amazing response to my "Calling All Short Dress Brides" post. Thank you so much for sharing your images and stories. I'm honored that I inspired so many of you, or gave you that little push or added bit of courage to step outside the box and wear a short dress on your wedding day. There is so much talent and creativity in all the submissions I got.

Weddingbee reader Emma (from Dublin) had her dress made by Sarah Foy in Dublin Ireland. Inspired largely by my dress (this is why I LOVE weddingbee), Emma had a a top, skirt, petticoat and reversible bolero made. To go out after the reception she had a black pencil skirt (not pictured), kept the top and turned the jacket inside out so the peacock coloured side was out. She's worn the top and petticoat again already and hopes to wear all the separate pieces often (a girl after my own heart)! Photos are by Therese Aherne

Weddingbee reader MrsPeas shares photos of her Josephine dress by Stephanie James. Photos by Sara Remington of Anna Kuperberg photography

Amanda got her J.Crew Goddess dress (short) on sale for "next to nothing!"
photos by Brandi Thompson

Weddingbee reader betting_im_not bought her Galina dress from David's Bridal. It was originally strapless, but she bought another damaged dress and used the fabric to make the cap sleeves. This style has been discontinued.

Weddingbee reader EmilyinParis shared photos of her beautiful Ramona Kaveza short dress from her wedding in Paris. How chic! She bought her dress at Bridals by Lori in Atlanta, Georgia. When she started planning she Googled "short dress brides" and found my post, and hence weddingbee!

Weddingbee reader Sarah shares photos of her dress. Photos by Bellissima Photographic Artistry.

Weddingbee reader Kelly modified a long J.Crew dress. See her post about the transformation here. Photos by CaseyBower Photography

Weddingbee reader melissaofMandMWedding shared a photo of her Dolly Couture dress. It was custom made using the style of the Edmonton and the lace fabric from the the Hastings on Hudson gown.

Weddingbee reader Alisa doesn't have a photo yet, but wanted to share how excited she is to have her dress custom made by Kimera Design on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn. She was also inspired to hire Wes Jones as her videographer because of my posts.

Weddingbee reader Joanne is a UK based bride getting married in July and is "a massive weddingbee fan!" Her dress is from Candy Anthony in the UK. She makes 50's and 60's inspired wedding dresses.

Weddingbee reader pdxkate is getting married in May and found this vintage dress on eBay "pretty much for a song!"

Weddingbee reader Erinp123 bought her After Six style #6507 (actually a bridesmaid dress) at Melissa Ashley Brides in downtown Westerly, RI. It has ivory lace with champagne satin underneath and was a little over $200. She writes "The minute I tried on a short dress, I knew it was right because I felt like myself." I love that she said she knew because she felt like herself! This is so important -- to feel like a beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day.


Weddingbee reader hickchick bought a Sweetheart Gowns #2630 (seen above long) and had it altered to fit her style. She later found a dress at a consignment shop, and if I understand correctly, her seamstress combined both dresses to create the perfect dress for her!

Weddingbee Reader Msk8teohh9 custom designed her dress (impressive, right?!) and outsourced the making of it to a company in China called Milly Bridal. She is getting married in July!

Weddingbee reader and wedding photographer Alisha Clark is actually a three dress bride! She has two dresses for sale, and this is the one she desided to keep - it's from Dolly Couture.

Weddingbee reader CattyS had her dress made by Liza Rietz from Portland, OR. She hasn't tried it on yet, but can't wait!